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Waves Crashing Piano Chords / Funeral Parlor 7inch split33rpm 7” vinyl record (Edition of 105 copies)$4 eachORDER:

Hiver Noir / Black Joy - Miseria et Insomnia

Latest Purchases: J Dilla’s “Donuts” and Madvillain’s “Madvillainy” limited edition cassettes, both from Stones Throw Records.

Split w/ Tanner Garza coming soon in the form of a c40 on Bookend Recordings. 
More stuff soon!
Andy Kaufman was paid for his Memphis wrestling appearances. He never cashed a single check that Jerry Jarrett gave him because he was just having fun. These are those checks, and I was within reaching distance of them the other day.

Chuck Berry reviews classic punk records

“It’s nothing I ain’t heard before.”

Pure entertainment.
Soft Noise Wall | uninvited records


I somehow managed to get one of my L E A N P R X C E S S tracks on Uninvited Records’ “Soft Noise Wall” compilation, and just to make the whole thing even more awesome they put my track right next to tannergarza's!

Thanks to poetemauditnoise for putting this thing together and for letting me be a part of it all.

If you like you can listen/download more of my stuff at

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