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"WORLD FAMOUS" noise musician Jason Crumer has just announced the newest ultra-limited release on his vanity "No Rent Records" label, a lathe-cut jigsaw puzzle record.  Measuring 8" square, the nine-piece puzzle plays "surprisingly well once assembled."  Due to its super limited nature and the high cost that went into creating it, Jason is auctioning the nine copies he has for sale off to the highest bidder:

Jason Crumer “Growth & Discovery”
8” square lathe cut EP / 9 piece jigsaw puzzle packaged in a handmade paper puzzle box.
Limited to 12, 9 for sale.


Four experimental, fucked and noisy country songs on a picture disc lathe record 
cut into a 9 piece jigsaw puzzle. If the metaphor isn’t obvious enough, the music
is. A highly mockable and from the heart gesture to begin 2013. 


The image (viewable )
was drawn by Christopher Murdoch, who you may remember from the covers of
“Walk With Me” (Misanthropic Agenda) and “A Personal Hell” (Small Doses) this 
is my favorite image he’s produced. The lathes themselves were cut with high
scruples by Graham at 2208 Records, then laser cut into jigsaw puzzles by Create
Laser Arts. The record actually plays well with almost no skippage. They did a 
great job. I believe this is a first. 


These will be sold at silent auction this week, February 7th - 14th. Email me at
jasoncrumer (at) gmail (dot) com with your highest bid. On Valentine’s day the
9 highest bidders will be contacted with payment instructions. If someone backs
out I’ll simply go to the next bidder. Minimum bid is $100.

Cygnus"Extra Terrestrials"(Central Processing Unit)
Flexi disc from Sheffield electronic music label. More info here. 

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