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One of my favorites, Mick Foley as Cactus Jack! Pen, ink and Prismacolor marker on card stock. 

This is awesome! Looks just like him!

Sonic Seasonings (1972)
The same year Carlos finalized the score for A Clockwork Orange, the composer recorded a double album named Sonic Seasonings; it was a complete turn away from the majestic synthesizer soundscapes and classical inspirations that had marked the movie score. Instead, Carlos recorded large amounts of environmental passages to produce a work that cycled through the four seasons. Beginning with bird calls and a thunderstorm to mark “Spring,” Carlos phrases the synthesizers only in terms of the nature sounds heard. They rarely interject themselves, and the result is closer to a nature recording with occasional effects than a synthesizer recording with nature sounds. Of course, there was no precedent for “nature,” “environmental,” or even “new age” music in 1972 — Sonic Seasonings was basically the genesis for several entire genres of music two decades later. As part of East Side Digital's Carlos CD reissue campaign, Sonic Seasonings was issued as a two-disc set, including the original LP plus a second disc of “natural” recordings, originally begun in 1986 and known as Land of the Midnight Sun.


vvvv+optical feedback

I want this more than I want air in my lungs.


GX Jupitter-Larsen - Internationale 2013


Thank you, noise gods. Thank you, San Francisco.