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Music For Egon Schiele (1996)
Composed for a live theater/dance production about the tragic life of Austrian artist Egon Schiele, the gentle majesty of Music for Egon Schiele is a welcome change of pace for anyone bored with popular music forms, transporting the listener’s mood entirely. Rachel’s weaves a delicate but highly moving musical fabric that wraps itself around you tightly and pulls you in, simultaneously cradling you lovingly while haunting you with its melancholy ambiance. At times, the emotionally rich compositions work as effectively as any ballet score to tell the artist’s tragic story. It is to pianist Rachel Grimes' credit that her pieces convey a stirring sense of drama and vivid imagery that perfectly match her subject.

(Source: celestesbonins)

PBK Talks Vidna Obmana (Part I)



Dirk Serries, aka Vidna Obmana, contacted me in 1988 after hearing my “Die Brucke" and "Asesino" cassette releases. Each album included some of my ambient music, which he took note of, and invited me to submit some tracks to an ambient music comp. he was producing for his label, The Decade Collection. We traded sound-sources via mail and he quickly released the collaborative cassette, “Monument Of Empty Colours”, which has since been reissued on CD by the Projekt label. By the time I met Serries in-person when he visited the U.S. the next year, he had turned away from his past “Power Electronics” approach for good and had now become completely immersed in ambient music. We performed concerts together in the San Francisco Bay area and he spent a week working in my home studio on his first solo album in the new style.

Every electronic musician knows that their own instrumental configuration is personal and results in a unique sound, but Serries returned to Belgium and later informed me that he had purchased a number of the instruments he’d used in my studio and was now using a system I had taught him to create his own music. Even though I felt ripped off, I was driven to find a way to reconfigure my studio and bring a new dimension to my music, even if it meant a complete change of direction. I finished using the Vidna Obmana source material I had and released my own tape, titled “Depression And Ideal”. As much as I liked the results of this collaboration, the project never gained any momentum. Serries didn’t seem to like it much, which was largely the reason I didn’t promote it, even though I remember it receiving good reviews.

The original recording was on metal cassette and here I’ve edited and re-mastered these compositions to a much more detailed sound. Quite different from Vidna Obmana's solo work, these are like large abstract paintings with masses of slow moving sounds, fluxing waves of electrons, and an industrial edge that Serries' own work seems to have intentionally forgone. Good for late-night listening and best listened to loudly where the waves of textures are very powerful.”

REVIEW: “Much of this electronics tape struck me as prologue: waves of majestic sound which seemed poised to break into faster themes but instead led into other waves of majestic sound. In tone, the music reminds me of the acid trip sequence in 2001, though there are no vocals here. Ponderous and intense.” - Factsheet Five


Dirk very proud of our collaboration, his first full length ambient release.


Dirk working in my home studio on his first solo ambient album.