This Guy.
Tanner Garza

I am an experimental musician from Houston, TX.

I am also a member of Black Leather Jesus.
It's neat.


Tanner Garza & Spencer Keller: The Latest In Sleep Innovation

Lucid: Remixes & Reinterpretations, Vol. I - IV
Tanner Garza, abstract sound artist, active member of the Texas based experimental collective Black Leather Jesus and owner of Bookend Recordings, released towards the end of last year the beautiful and highly regarded LP Lucid.  Garza called upon a wide array of talent to look at Lucid and approach the tracks as if they were their own - rehash, reorient and remix.  Bookend Recordings, in close association with Static Reason Recordings, is hosting these reworkings as a 4 part series of digital EPs.  The series is now collected in full here.
Tanner G. - Downpour Sessions Vol. 3
Raw field recordings and such.
Edition of 20.
Released by Dead Audio Tapes.